Birds of A Feather

Birds of a feather flock together
Together we could withstand any weather
Though we were so much alike
We had other mates.
But for you, I was willing to wait.
I spoke us into existence
I finally spoke my truth
But now my life moves on
Alone without you
So much in common you and I shared
Didn’t want to lose your friendship
So I never even dared
But then one day, I shot that shot
Things between us were white hot
But then you heart
To me, you could not give
And on with your life
You chose to live
Left me standing here all alone
Wondering what I’m to do next
Wondering what happened to the nest
That you and I had plans to build
A new life together we would live
Show our kids what real love was
Show them that there was no stopping us
Birds of a feather,
Finally together.
Together Facing Anything
No Matter the Weather
As long as we did it
Together. Forever…

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