Don’t Ask Questions You Don’t Want The Answer To

What are you going to ask her?
What is she going to say?
What if she doesn’t answer?
What if she still feels the same?
What if she gone for good?
Why can’t you move on?
Why do you do this to yourself?
What if she’s found someone else?
What if she still needs time?
What if she still needs space?
What if she’s left you behind?
What if you’re just running in place?
How do you approach the subject?
Do you dare open that door?
Afraid of what she’s gonna say?
Afraid of how you’re gonna feel?
Afraid that it will hurt too much?
Afraid that you heart will never heal?
Why do you ask questions,
That you don’t want the answer to?
She’s moved on with her new life,
So why can’t you?

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