Missing You

I miss you
But I took it out on
Someone else
Missing you
Had me beside myself
You used calm my fears
You used to ease the pain
You were the one
Who could calm my chaos
Without you in my life
I always feel like I’m lost
You were the Beauty
To my Beast
You filled me up
When I felt the least
Now you’re gone
And I feel all alone
You said that you’d
Help me through this
I don’t even know
What THIS is…
You’re long gone
And I’m stuck treading water
This doesn’t feel like
You’re here whenever I needed you.
Because I need you now
To help me get through this
Your love gave me hope
Gave me reason to believe
That one day we’d be together
One day you’d set me free
You filled up my heart
Found all my shattered pieces
But now that you’re gone
my heart is broken and battered
You took away my will to move on
You took away all that mattered…

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