Rambling Incoherently

I loved you
You moved away
I found you,
But the words I couldn’t say
You had another
And so did I
So I said nothing
My feelings kept inside
And then one day
I found you again
But in my heart
No longer just a friend
I spoke my truth
My heart- I let you in
Your heart did feel the same too.
Complicated, both of our lives
But Together Forever
We’d stand Side-by-side
Then one day
Your world fell apart
And I was no longer held in your heart.
Apart we drifted, you were no longer there
Left alone to face this on my own
You needed space,
To learn to be alone.
So I stood here, hoping and praying
Then one day, I refused to keep chasing
Someone wanting to be alone
Someone trying to make it on their own.
If you wanted me, you would reach out.
Isn’t that what love is all about?
Two people both broken and flawed
Fighting to be together, no matter the odds.
But it felt I wanted us more than you did
That my need for you. left me feeling stupid.
Because You needed time and space.
You needed focus, you didn’t need to waste-
Time on someone so far away.
So I sucked it up,
I deleted every trace
So I wouldn’t have to see your face
Those memories I tried to erase.
And you, I tried to ignore
Pretend I didn’t need you anymore
Pretend that I was doing fine
Pretend that you weren’t always on my mind.
And after 3 weeks I let you back in…
Wishing things were different
But so far here we go again
Because to me
It’s plain to see
I need you
More than
You need me…

2 thoughts on “Rambling Incoherently

  1. I remembered one of my friends felt this way for a strange man thousand of miles away. She loved him more than he realized. On occasion she thinks of him, only to suppress old emotions, extinguishing a dwindling flame that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

    The girl is happier now, though. Wonderful poem! Keep putting your soul into it.

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