Out of Sight, Out of Mind

I know that you don’t need me
I just hope that someday
You’ll want to be with me again
Right now I feel like strangers
We’re no longer living as friends
You were made for me
I was made for you,
At least that’s what it seemed
You were the one I always wanted
The one I saw in every dream
You have proved you can live your life
Live your life all alone
But just because can,
Doesn’t mean you should
Are we really over?
Are we done for good?
Out of sight,
Out of mind
Sums up how I feel
Gave you space
Gave you time
So that your heart could heal
But while you’re gone,
While you’ve moved on
My heart breaks
My heart aches
Hoping that you’ll turn around
And pick my heart up from the ground
I suffer in silence
I don’t dare make a sound
But your silence
Is like violence
It rips me apart
Knowing that I no longer
Live inside your heart
Out of sight,
Out of mind
Sums up how I feel
I wish I could turn back time
Back when our love was real….

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