Twin Beach Chairs

You said one day
You’d take me to
Your favorite beach spot
We’d sit in twin beach chairs
Soaking in the sun
And listening to the ocean
Drinks in hand
Feet in the sand
Sitting side by side
Lounging and laughing
In our twin beach chairs
Then at night
We’d watch the stars
Floating in the sky
Listening to the waves
Crashing to the shore nearby
Lounging and laughing
In our twin beach chairs
We’d make that drive together
Your hand in mine
The excitement of being together
Tingling down my spine
Sitting on the sofa
Lost in each other’s eyes
It’s been a year
Since we made those plans
What a year it has been
First friends, then lovers
Then friends again
Now, we feel like strangers
No more plans
No more future
No longer in your heart
Now that we’ve grown apart
No more waves
No more beach days
No more lounging
No more laughing
no more twin beach chairs for me
Maybe one day
You’ll find your way
Back into my waiting arms
We’ll have beach days
And catch some rays
Before heading back to
Rainbow Phoenix Farms
But til then
I’ll just pretend
That I no longer care
I’ll pretend that you’re not
Sitting with someone else
Lounging & Laughing
In your twin beach chairs…

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