Turning Back The Clock

Turning back time
Before there was a you and I
Trying to forget
The words you said and why
Turning back the clock
To when we were merely friends
A joke here, a comment there
There was no love to end
Except you were always in my heart
And always on my mind
You were there from the start
You were there all the time
No I have to pretend
That I never loved you
Turned back the clock
To when we were just friends
Back before I told you
But it’s difficult to erase
All the feelings that you gave me
It’s difficult not to see your face
When I close my eyes and dream
Because I have always loved you
Loved you from the very start
In my dreams, it was always you
Who lived inside my heart
So I just can’t turn back the clock
Can’t twist the hands of time
Because even though
I never said the words
I always wanted you to be mine.
Easy for you to move on
Accept our love’s now gone
But you were the center
Of my world
To me you were the sun.
You turned back the hands of time
Before there was a you and I
I guess you forgot
The words you said
Forgot the reasons why
Now to you, we’re just friends again
There’s no more you and I…

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