Why Did You Run?

Why did you run?
Why did you hide?
Why do you deny
What we both felt inside?
Always and Forever
Are the words YOU swore
You promised to
Leave me never
You said you loved me MORE
I get it, your life
Was torn all apart
But that didn’t mean
You had to take your heart
From me to have your space
To have your time
He stabbed you in the back
When you broke his heart
The love for HIM you lacked
You didn’t have to break mine
Now we’re also torn apart
Why did you run?
Why is it me you ignore
You said you’d be here
In my time of need
I’ll lying here on the floor
But you cannot see
Because I put on a brave face
I hide it well.
So she doesn’t know
That I’m running away, as well.
Nowhere for me to go
But here I can’t stay
You took back your love
And threw my heart away.
Why did you run?
When I needed you the most?
You said you’d make me whole again
Now your love, your words are just a ghost…

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