Chasing Time

I understand the value of time
So I won’t waste yours
And I won’t waste mine
By chasing after you all the time
I will be here
I’m not going anywhere
But I’m done needing you
Like I need to breathe air
If you want to talk to me
You know where I’ll be
So enjoy your space
Enjoy your time
It’s time for me
To learn to live with mine
Can’t keep on waiting
Gotta stop chasing
No more anticipating
No more hesitating
On my end
When all we are now
Is just friends
The ball is in your court
My heart is still in my hand
And right here on my sleeve
But I understand
The value of time
I won’t waste yours anymore
And I won’t waste mine
I’m not going to chase someone
Who doesn’t have time for me…

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