Closing the Door

I guess it’s time
To close that door
And finally walk away
I just don’t feel
The same anymore
I’ve got to learn to be okay
With not talking to you
And causing myself
Such pain
While I’ve hung on
You’ve moved on
And you’re not
Coming back again
Time to close the door
On you,
Time to close the door
On us
Time for me to realize
That we’re finally through
Time to pick my heart
Up out of the dust
Time for me
To finally see
That you don’t want me anymore
Time for me to realize
You’re not walking back
Through that door.
But if and when
You finally do
I’ll no longer be here
Because I’m done
Chasing you
I’m shedding my last tear.
You needed time
You needed space
So I just sat here
Running in place.
But you’ve moved on
Your heart is gone
And I’m alone here,
Spinning my wheels.
I’ve had a thought
To move off this spot,
It’s finally time for me
To break the seal.
To close the door
Lock it and
Throw away the key.
Time for me
To move on from you
The way you’ve
Moved on from me…

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