What Are We Doing?

What are we doing?
What is this game?
We never talk to each other
And when we do, it’s so vague.
It’s like we’re trying fake a friendship
For the sake of still being friends
Keeping each other around
Not wanting the friendship to end
But it feels like that died
When you took back your heart
And when we force it
It just feels like lies
Ripping my insides apart
So I avoid you,
Even though it’s you I miss
My life’s a void without you
There’s always something amiss
And so many reminders
Of the times you said you cared
Walking through life with blinders
Because you’re no longer there.
So we keep playing this game
We keep on pretending
Trying to move on
And trying to be friendly
It would hurt less, If you were gone
And I knew you couldn’t see me
But you’re there, your green light’s on
You just keep on
Looking on, looking right past me
I hate what we’re doing
I hate this game
I don’t want to play it anymore

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