White Knight, Black Heart

I’m not looking for a damsel in distress,
I want someone who can hold their own
I don’t want someone who needs me,
Or someone afraid to be alone
I want someone who sees me
As a partner and an equal,
That I’m not like all those other guys
I’m not a copy cat or sequel
I want someone who wants me
Someone who will be my partner
Someone who’ll help me up
Someone who will push me farther
I tired of being the white knight
Always there on his trusty steed
There to save you, in your time of need
I want someone who’s will is strong
Someone who’s just happy to exist
Someone whose love for me lasts long
Someone whose heart just can’t resist
I’m tired of climbing castle walls
I’m tired of swimming across moats
I’m tired of fighting dragons
So very tired of chasing ghosts
I’m tired of saving damsels
Rescuing them from their distress
I’m tired of being the reliable one
I’m ready to give this all a rest
It’s time for this white knight to retire
Time to put away my horse and armor
This suit, is where I hide inside
It looks strong, but it’s starting to rust
I don’t wanna wear it any longer.
No more saving damsels in distress
No more rescuing the fairy princess.
Time to move on from the maidens
And finally find myself a Queen…

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