I Closed the Door

I closed the door on you
I closed the door on us
Not that I want us to be through
But to get back who I was
Back when I was happy
And found beauty in the world
Back before things felt crappy
Without the love of 1 girl
You have always had
A special place in my heart
But I’m tired of being sad
Like you, I need a new start
So I closed the door on you
And I closed the door on us
Time to move on
Now that the love is gone
Time for me to go find me
Time to set myself free
Time to figure out who I am
In this new reality…

Sunshine and Cicadas

Sunshine and cicadas
On a summer Saturday morn
Hanging with the dogs
In the backyard
While the cicadas sing
Their song
Sunlight poking through the trees
The dogs bask the light
Finishing my coffee
Not a worry in sight
Morning mediation
Helps me start the day
With peace
For now I have no worries
In this backyard retreat
Drink a bottle of water
Listening to the birds
Sing out their tune
Summer is almost over
Fall will be here soon
The sunshine and cicadas
Will then be replaced
With morning dew.
And I’ll still be holding on
To the love I have for you.

Morning Meditations

Morning meditations
While I let you sleep in
Thanking the universe
For finally letting me win
Enjoying the crisp morning air
Before heading back in
To lay down next to you
My fingers running
Through your hair
You awaken to a kiss
And your coffee cup
While I hold you in my arms
And time stands still
But I open my eyes
And you’re not really there
It was all in my mind
A dream every time
Maybe one day
When I open my eyes
I’ll be lucky enough
To lay them on my prize
But until then
I’ll keep meditating
And I’ll keep waiting
For the Universe to
Finally let me win
And your heart
To let me in again