Old Love

Old Love…
Leave Me Alone…
These are the words
From one of my favorite Clapton songs
Twin Flames, you said we were
But now your flame no longer burns…
As I lie here, in this bed alone,
Wondering how I’ll ever get back to
A white hot love, that’s now gone
“Old Love” blaring from the speakers
And dancing around in my head
Laying alone in this empty bed
Remembering all of the words you said…
“And it’s making me so angry…
To know that the flame still burns…”
Clapton softly sings
A “River of Tears” streaming down my face…
Stinging the corners of my eyes,
As the memories still race
Around in circles inside my head
My stomach and my heart both filled with dread…
Music used to be my getaway, my escape.
The music I used to love,
Now fills me with hate-
“Makes me so angry
To know that the flame still burns
Why can’t I get over?
When will I ever learn?
Old love…”

Ink and Tears

That tattoo on your arm
The one of the spear
The one that pointed to you
And made my love for you clear
The tattoo of the moon
That I briefly got to see
The matching ones we were supposed to get
Back when your love was for me
You were supposed to be my first
Your love I wore on my sleeve
New ink you got when you moved on
Mushrooms and peonies
Tears I cry because now you’re gone
There’s no more you and me
My ink? My link to you?
That will never be?
Was supposed to be a Big Dipper
Because I was your Big Spoon.
Or Albert & Allegra-
The Universe always knew
How I felt about you
Tattoos are permanent
They’re with you forever
Just like I thought your love was true
You said you’d leave me never
I never got that tattoo
All I’m left with are my tears
And the scars upon my heart
The tattered, scattered pieces,
Anxiety and fear-
Long gone is our brand new start.
I wore my love for you on my sleeve
Like the tattoo on your arm
Mushrooms and peonies…
Maybe one day I’ll get that ink
Of Rainbow Phoenix Farms?
But if not, maybe just a Phoenix
Raising from the flames
Tattooed on my forearm
Reborn after you took your heart
And that I’ve finally learned
To trust and love again…