The Things I Miss

I miss intimacy
I miss affection
I miss longing
I miss touch
I miss connection
I miss passion
I miss feeling
I miss love
I miss desire
I miss being needed
I miss being wanted
I miss being craved
I miss that feeling
Of love
That crashes over you
Like a wave
I miss warmth
I miss the heat
I miss that spark
I miss the flame
I miss the things
That we do in the dark
I miss me
The old me
The one who was free
But what I really miss
Is someone who
Wants to be
With me…

Why Do I Cry?

Do I cry
Over someone
Who doesn’t want
Does it hurt
To miss someone
Who doesn’t see
Do I try?
Do I
Keep letting
Hurt Me?
Do I care
That you’re not
Am I blind
To all that is
Right here
In front of
Do I
Keep getting
My Hopes
When it is
Plain to see
That You
Give A Damn

It Took Losing You, To Find Myself

It took losing you
To find myself
I thought you were want I wanted
More than anyone else
But now that you’re gone
I can finally see
I wasn’t looking for you
I was trying to re-find me
I wasn’t happy with the life I had
The constant monotony
Just made me sad
I poured my heart and soul
Into loving you
Spent all my time
Trying to build something new
Now I look back
And see that I was wrong
What I needed
Was in front of me all along
I was just blind
I couldn’t see
Too busy trying to be
Everything for someone else
Neglecting the one
Who loves me more
Than anyone else
It took losing you
To finally find myself
I thought I wanted you
But all I really wanted was me.

White Knight, Black Heart

I’m not looking for a damsel in distress,
I want someone who can hold their own
I don’t want someone who needs me,
Or someone afraid to be alone
I want someone who sees me
As a partner and an equal,
That I’m not like all those other guys
I’m not a copy cat or sequel
I want someone who wants me
Someone who will be my partner
Someone who’ll help me up
Someone who will push me farther
I tired of being the white knight
Always there on his trusty steed
There to save you, in your time of need
I want someone who’s will is strong
Someone who’s just happy to exist
Someone whose love for me lasts long
Someone whose heart just can’t resist
I’m tired of climbing castle walls
I’m tired of swimming across moats
I’m tired of fighting dragons
So very tired of chasing ghosts
I’m tired of saving damsels
Rescuing them from their distress
I’m tired of being the reliable one
I’m ready to give this all a rest
It’s time for this white knight to retire
Time to put away my horse and armor
This suit, is where I hide inside
It looks strong, but it’s starting to rust
I don’t wanna wear it any longer.
No more saving damsels in distress
No more rescuing the fairy princess.
Time to move on from the maidens
And finally find myself a Queen…

Waiting My Turn

I was going to do things right
I was going to wait my turn
That match I didn’t dare light
That bridge, was one I did not want to burn.
I was content to be just friends
My love I kept a secret,
Our friendship,
I did not want to end.
So I waited
For what seemed like a lifetime
Gave up on the dream
That you’d ever be mine
I gave up hope
You moved away
We both seemed happy
With our own families
Then like a bolt
Right out of the blue
You reached out to me
I reached out for you
We both came to find
We shared the same view
I Finally told you
How long I’ve loved you
To my surprise, you felt it too
We promised each other
That we’d always be true
Promised to help the other up
Whenever one of us felt down
But when I needed you most
You just weren’t around
Said you needed time
And you needed space
Time to find yourself
A place to create your space
As I felt my world crumble around me
You moved on, you built a life
You seem fine without me.
I held your hand, I wiped your tears
Promised to make up for lost time
To reclaim the losf years.
But now I’m left to wonder how
And wrestling with why
You’ve moved on
Gave your heart to another guy
You didn’t need time,
You didn’t need space
Why didn’t you just say
That you didn’t really need Me?

175 Miles

175 Miles,
And 2 hours away
I gave you all
The Time & Space
You were free
To live your life
Free to do
Whatever you pleased
Free to come & go
Free to move on
Without me.
I gave you all my time
Though I had none to waste
I gave you my all
Just so I
Could see your face
The time we shared
I savored each moment
You swore you’d always care
Now I sit here and wonder
Pondering where your love went
Because you needed your time
And you needed your space,
You couldn’t love me
From 175 Miles,
And 2 hours away…

Sitting Here

Sitting here, surrounded by all the things I still have to do
But none of those things I wanna do without you
Cooking, cleaning, going out
But all I can bring myself to do is sit & pout.
In a house full of people
I always feel so alone.
The highlight of my day was talking to you on the phone.
Those few minutes helped me cope
But now I’m struggling, at the end of my rope.
Just to have someone to talk to
Someone who could relate
Someone who understands me
You coming into my life felt like fate
But I’m all alone and now you’re gone
You have your new life, I have no one
So I sit here alone, with so much to do
But it hurts too bad, because all I can think about is you…

Rainy Friday Nights

These rainy Friday nights
They used to be “Our Time”
Our time to enjoy each other’s company,
Our time to just unwind
We’d sit on the phone and talk
Listening to each other in the dark
Just like teenagers way back when
Back when our Twin Flames did spark
Back before things turned different
We’d stay up all night
Watching a movie 150 miles apart,
Back when the world was right
Back when I was still in your heart
But Friday nights just aren’t the same
Now that we have grown apart
Now that you don’t feel the same.
You’ve moved on
Your love’s now gone,
Someone else is in your heart
But it’s still raining,
And I’m still here
Sitting along in the dark.
I catch myself missing you,
Longing for those Friday nights
Back when your love was true
When there was only me and only you.
Now I sit here all alone,
No one to help me ease this pain
I just sit here wondering
If Friday nights
Will ever be the same again…